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How much does an aerial installation cost?

We get asked regularly “How much does an aerial cost?” although this seems like a straight forward question the answer can vary depending on the exact situation, so here is some helpful information to help you understand why this can vary so much and if an aerial is in fact what you need.

At Tectonic, our mission is to ensure you are getting the correct item and that are not calling us in a couple of years for an aerial repair. To achieve this we use only the best quality materials, that are made to last and resistant to all types of weather. So when you ask for an aerial, exactly what is it you really want.

You see, an aerial system or installation even on a domestic house is made up of several key items, from the aerial antenna itself, the mast, brackets, lashings, fixings to support the aerial, ensuring that the aerial is sufficiently supported by the mast. One of the most common issues with aerial installations, strangely enough normally new aerial systems, is poor installation or poor design and unfortunately this is not the manufactures design but how the system is put together as a system.

The biggest problem we see is people fitting a new aerial antenna when they are not required, which are to big for the existing mast and brackets they are fitting to. This then results in it leaning over or damage the chimney or wall itself which then leaves the customer calling someone out again not only to repair the aerial but then additional cost in repairing the building structure. All sounds rather complicated but trust us it’s not, it is simple, use the correct products in the correct place and keep it simple.


Nigel May MD – “The main thing about aerial cabling and aerial installations is to keep it simple. A good quality aerial, a good quality cable and a good quality connection. And by connection I mean the connector at the end of the cable, and unfortunately there are a lot of poor and cheap quality connectors out there which people think will last as long and do the job, this is not the case, how many times have you seen the connector just fall off the end of the cable?

But one of the largest problems is poor quality grey imported aerial cable copper on aluminium and RG6 cheap tinned or aluminum braided cables the manufacture of the cable, has it been Benchmarked and tested to an approved standard? This is paramount, a simple check is to look at the end of the cable and to see if it is double screened and if so are they both copper if they are not you are being sold a cheaper alternative which will have a greater loss and a shorter life than a branded cable like Webro WF-100. You know what they say BUY CHEAP BUY TWICE. The most expensive part of an aerial installation is the labor not the cost of materials so please don’t cut back on the material cost.

Here’s a great example of our aerial break down to show you what materials are used

  1. The use of a quality antenna.
  2. If you have a FM & DAB Combined antenna it’s important that it is correctly spaced from the aerial antenna.
  3. Optional FM & DAB combined antenna .
  4. The use of a correctly sized galvanised bracket for the length of the mast – Long life and not rust stains on the walls.
  5.  Ensure that the cable used is a Benchmarked cable approved standard
  6. Correctly Spliced lashing cable being used.
  7. Using the correct aluminium mast that doesn’t rust and with a correctly sized bracket.
  8.  The use of quality electrical insulation tape which can be used in all weather conditions as it’s water and UV resistant.
  9. Quality of the engineering staff, professional experienced and tidy workmanship, remember they are coming in your home so if they have an enhanced CRB all the better.

Things to remember

  • Don’t be worried to ask questions.
  • Experience – always use local engineers for Terrestrial aerial work local knowledge is key when carrying out terrestrial aerial work.
  • Why do we ask so many questions? – Simple, to have a better idea of the available signal in your area , it varies from one end of the road to the other and sometimes house by house, this gives us a better understanding of what may be required. (we have years of local knowledge to provide you with the best information)
  • Be certain you are receiving exactly what you think you have ordered.
  • Ask advice from an engineer.
  • Do you need a new aerial or just a repair/replacement or part of
  • Getting various quotes is always a good idea but the cheapest isn’t always going to be the best option.
  • Recommendation is always going to be the option.


It’s most important to us that our customers are getting exactly what they need, are aware of the cost and what it is our engineers are doing, we pride ourselves on our customer service from booking the job to completing the work. This all goes towards customer satisfaction and our customers agree as they helped us win #bizoftheyear No.1 company in Eastbourne and nationally for Aerial & Satellite Services with the Best Of Eastbourne.

If you’d like some advice about your existing aerial contact us today 01323 644570 and speak with our engineers or alternatively contact us via our website and we will be happy to respond via e mail.


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