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Cyber Security – What You Need To Know

Following the recent events over the weekend  hack of the NHS systems, Southern IT attended the Best Of Eastbourne Marketing workshop yesterday morning to give the members more information and tips on cyber security. We found this really useful yesterday so we have written a short blog to share with you.

What you should know about the recent attack

This attack wasn’t actually targeted at the NHS, it was because of the type of Windows that they have been using which was Windows XP. This was Ransomware software, this software puts a ransom on your computer asking for money to be paid and they ‘will’ restore your data back, this recent attack was asking for $300 for each user.

Types of cyber hackers

  • Criminals – They want financial gain by theft of data
  • Hacktivists – They have an agenda or ideology (have you heard of the Anonymous group?)
  • Hackers – Gives them status and gives them a technical challenge
  • Insiders – They are privileged to access data

What types of hacks are out there

  • Malware – malicious software
  • Social Engineering – CEO fraud emails, when a fake email is generated with a series of fake emails between a manager or CEO to authorise a bank transfer.
  • Vulnerabilities – Operating systems

Southern IT’s Top Tips

  • Computer security is no longer an “add on”
  • Check that your backups are on
  • Restore your backups
  • Run updates continuously
  • Teaching and telling your employees and family members of these kind of attacks and how to stay safe
  • Remove you administrator credentials – If your account can download/install and delete software, than so can the hacker
  • If you’re unsure speak to an IT company for advice

If you want to know more about Cyber Security or want advice you can contact Southern IT by clicking here.

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